1. When is the On-Ground event’s race day?

The Vedanta Pink City Half Marathon 2023 will happen on Sunday, 17th December 2023.

2. When do the registrations start and end?

Registration Start – Monday, 24th July 2023
Registration End – Thursday, 30th Nov 2023

3. What is the minimum age eligibility to apply in each race category (on-ground)?

Half Marathon (21.097 kms) – 18yrs
10 Kms – 15 Yrs
5 Kms – 12 Yrs

4. What is the application fee for participating in the on-ground event?

Half Marathon (21.097 kms) – Rs. 2000/-
10 Kms – Rs. 1200/-
5 Kms – Rs. 800/-
Important: The registration fee paid is exclusively for your race category participation in the Vedanta Pink City Half Marathon 2023. The registration fee is not, in part or full, payable for any offers/promotions/ discounts/goodies/race day tee, etc. These, if offered, will be by event sponsors/partners/ brands through the Event Promoter separately.

5. How to apply?

You can apply online here

6. What are the health mandatories to participate in Vedanta Pink City Half Marathon 2023?

Prevailing health advisories and mandatories as prescribed by the Central/State Governments shall apply.

7. How can an overseas applicant apply for the Event?

An overseas applicant can apply ONLY through online registrations
Important: Overseas applicants must check on travel protocols of their respective localities/countries and Rajasthan, India in force, prior to applying and participating at the Vedanta Pink City Half Marathon 2023.

8. Which payment mode will be accepted for online registration?

An online applicant can pay ONLY via credit card, net banking, debit card, UPI and payment wallets.

9. How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?

You will get an email confirmation on your registered email id

10. Can I register for more than one race category at the on-ground event?

No. An individual can apply only for one race category at the on-ground event. Multiple applications will entail all being rejected.

11. Can I register for both on-ground and virtual event?

Yes, you can register for both on-ground and virtual event, using the same email id.

12. Can I register for the virtual event if I have already registered for an on-ground event previously?

Yes, you can login with the same email id and proceed to the virtual race category section, pay and register in case you have already registered for the on-ground race category previously.

13. Can I run both on-ground as well as the virtual race of the same distance on the same day?

Yes, you can register for both the formats in the same race category and if confirmed, run on the same day.

14. What are the refund policies?

Once applied, no requests for refund of application fee will be entertained, under any circumstances.

15. Can I change my race category once I have applied/my application is confirmed?

Once you have applied for a particular race category, you cannot change your race category.

16. Will I get a timing certificate and finisher medal for participating in the Half Marathon (21.097) Kms Category/ Cool Run 10K (10 Kms) Dream Run (5kms)Category?

Yes, all finishers of the Half Marathon/ 10K race categories will get the finisher medal post their run on race day (medals will not be posted to individual runners).

17. When will I get my application confirmation and how?

Application confirmation will be sent on your registered email id

18. Can I register for my friend?

No. An applicant has to sign/agree to the waiver/consent himself/herself. You cannot register on your friend’s behalf.

19. How can I collect my bib for the on-ground race?

Running number bibs must be collected by all participants from the Vedanta Pink City Half Marathon bib expo 2023 on Friday, 15th Dec and Saturday, 16th December 2023 by showing any Government ID Proof.

20. While registering online, what should I do if the amount is deducted from my account but my transaction status is shown as pending?

We request you to send the transaction number immediately at the given mail id

21. Can you post me my Running Number Bib?

No. All participants must come to the Expo to collect their Bibs.

22. Can I transfer my bib to somebody else or somebody else can run on my bib?

No, it cannot be transferred to somebody else.

23. Will I get my bib replaced in case I lose it, or post a bib collection?

No, we will not be able to replace any bib once it has been collected from our end.