Roop Betala a Professional Investment banker and Private Equity Investor.

Meet Roop Betala, a seasoned Investment Banker and the visionary mind behind Volvie Capital Management, which has offices located in the bustling cities of Mumbai, Singapore, and New York. With an impressive career spanning over 40+ years, Roop holds unparalleled expertise in both Domestic and International Capital Markets.

But Roop’s journey doesn’t stop at his illustrious career. It all began in 2013 when his son playfully challenged him to run. Little did Roop know that this simple challenge would ignite a passion that would lead him to achieve extraordinary feats in the running world. Since participating in the 2013 SCMM and the Thane Hiranandani Marathon, Roop Betala has gone on to complete an astounding 177 half marathons across 6 continents, in 61 countries, and an impressive 135+ cities.

His dedication to running is undeniable. Roop accomplished the remarkable feat of running 5 half marathons in 2013, and from 2014 to 2019, he ran an astonishing 27 half marathons each year, earning him the prestigious title of “Most Consistent Runner” in 2016.

Beyond personal achievements, Roop Betala’s running endeavors have been driven by a deep sense of purpose. He has run three half marathons while blindfolded, aiming to raise awareness for the Eye Donation Campaign in India, a cause close to his heart.

Roop’s passion for running knows no bounds. He proudly accomplished the 100 Days Running Challenge, participating in nine consecutive editions from 2015 to 2024, covering a staggering distance of 1008+ kilometers.

In 2016, Roop achieved a significant milestone by completing his first Ultra Marathon, an impressive 72KM run on India’s 72nd Independence Day. Another distinctive tradition of his is running his age in kilometers during his Birthday Month, making each year a celebration of fitness and perseverance.

Not content with personal accomplishments, Roop actively contributes to the running community as a regular pacer in various events, helping fellow runners achieve their goals.

Moreover, Roop Betala is not just a runner but a compassionate philanthropist. He participated in the Menstrual Hygiene run in Delhi alongside Miss World 2017, Dr. Manushi Chhillar, and approximately 300 students from NDMC. Together, they raised substantial funds for charity.

One of his most remarkable runs took place on 23rd February 2019 when Roop covered an incredible distance of 89.1 kilometers in Mumbai, starting from the Gateway of India to Powai Renaissance Hotel. During this run, he visited and paid tribute to 89 Heritage and Historical sites of Mumbai, all while being blindfolded, championing the cause of Eye and Organ Donation and raising significant funds for charity.

Not limited to being a prolific runner, Roop Betala took on the role of Race Director for the prestigious Vedanta Pink City Marathon in Jaipur, making a significant impact on the running community.

Throughout his journey, Roop Betala has adhered to one core theme, which embodies his passion for running and zest for life:

“Run Forever, Fun Forever”